Mary, Mother of God

From the Dean's desk

Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of the Christmas octave, one would expect that the liturgical focus to still be on the Christ Child.  The Church, however, has us focusing rather on the person of Mary, the Mother of God. There is wisdom in this celebration and change of focus.

In considering the person of Mary, we can certainly realise that through her Christ was born into our world.  Mary could have, humanly speaking, said no to the message of the angel Gabriel at the Annunciation. After all Gabriel’s message was overpowering and quite mysterious to Mary, since it asked her to conceive and bear the Son of God.  Full of Grace, she was able to say yes to God’s wish and so was born into our human family the Creator of the human family.

In remembering Mary today – on the first day of a new year and at the end of the Christmas octave – we have recourse to mediate on the means through which the Christmas story has its origin.  Mary becomes the focal point, and the Liturgy places her before us today as the model of discipleship: she was the first to hear and bear the Word of God.  She was the one who pondered all these mysteries in her heart [Luke 2:19-20].  She was the one who was open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit even though she did not know what it entailed.  What greater model for discipleship do we need in our lives?  Today has been set aside by the late Pope Paul VI [1963-1978], not only as the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, but also as the world Day for Peace.  Mary, even though she experienced turbulence and disruption in her life was able to live with and through the peace that comes from being truly open to the Spirit and his message. We are asked to follow in the same footsteps. As we pray in the Prayer after Communion today: that we rejoice to proclaim the blessed ever Virgin Mary Mother of your Son and of the Church” we need to entrust the care of our Church to her maternal protection, especially in those areas where the Church’s faithful are experiencing persecution.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

Fr Robert Bossini
Dean & Parish Priest