Catholic schools fear ‘death by a thousand cuts’

Media release 13 September 2012

The funding cuts to Catholic schools outlined by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli this week appear to cut much deeper than was first thought – according to the Chairman of the Catholic Education Commission, Bishop Anthony Fisher.

“On closer examination of the Government’s announcement on Tuesday, we are increasingly alarmed that the loss of revenue to non-government schools could be much greater than the $116million announced by the Government. We don’t know how the Government’s figures were arrived at but we do know that two thirds of those schools are Catholic schools,” Bishop Fisher said.

Devastating cut to State aid to Schools

The NSW Government is about to announce an unprecedented cut to the recurrent grants for Catholic systemic schools of $24.5 million per year. Catholic schools may be forced to raise their fees by between $100 and $500 per student per year, on top of any necessary increases for inflation. This may force some families out of Catholic schools, force reductions of teachers and curriculum options, or even force some school closures. Parishioners and parents are asked to take home a copy of the statement from the Catholic Education Commission and act upon it.

NSW Bishops: Unprecedented threat to Catholic Schools

For the first time ever, all Catholic schools in NSW face a radical and immediate cut to their NSW government subsidy.

Not a Code of Laws

22nd Sunday Reflection

‘The theme of today’s readings is the nature of true religion. The Law of Moses was very important for the people of Israel. There was great emphasis on the observance of the Law as a sign of commitment and obedience to God. But, by the time of Jesus, the law had become so hopelessly complicated in its applications that only experts could interpret it in the many practical problems which would arise in daily living.

To whom shall we go

21st Sunday Reflection

The decisions called for in today's readings are life decisions. The people at the time of Joshua had to decide which god they would worship. The disciples of Jesus had to decide if he was the one who would fulfill their messianic expectations. We have life decisions to make as well. How will we choose?

Marriage Sunday

 12 August 2012

The Diocese of Parramatta has set  today as Marriage Sunday as part of the National Vocation Awareness week.

This provides the faith community with an opportunity to highlight the various vocations — to the religious life, the priesthood, to the single life and to marriage—and to promote and value the importance of such vocations.

In a special way then this weekend celebrates and acknowledges the married members of parishes.


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