From the Parish Priest’s desk

14 October 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Gospel text from Mark for this weekend is most challenging. It causes us to re-examine our lives and invites us to change whatever gets in the way of wholehearted devotion to God. Will we be like the rich young man in the gospel and walk away from this need to get our priorities right, or will we follow the Lord along the Way?

From the Parish Priest’s desk

7 October 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

The Gospel for this weekend is a challenging one which often causes pain and anguish to so many in difficult circumstances. However, a hint of the compassion of Jesus surrounding this whole issue marriage and divorce is found in the next part of Mark’s text concerning the little children. If we take that text metaphorically rather than literally, then ‘the little children’ – given the context of what went before – could legitimately be those ‘little ones’ who suffer difficulties in relationship. Thus, Jesus condemns those who are keeping these ‘little ones’ from coming to Him! We, the Church, always need to pay attention to the Master’s voice. We, who are not without sin ourselves, must not be the first to cast stones!

Who are the righteous?

25th Sunday Reflection

Who are the righteous? This is a question that holds little interest today. We are more concerned with the successful and the famous. We want people to be honest, at least in their dealings with us, but we are more apt to applaud those who are clever. We commend people for making a good deal, for knowing how to get ahead or striking it rich. We extol the beautiful, the strong, the self-assured, those who have made a name for themselves, those who entertain us. We encourage people to be ambitious. Seldom is popularity based on righteousness.

Thank you from the Spring Fair team

Its four years since we had our first Spring Fair and what a great community building event it has been! The Spring Fair has given us something to look forward to each year. An event where we can share our time, talent and treasure with others in our community. Talents are diverse. While many of us are serving our community in various liturgical roles as altar servers, acolytes, readers, singers, pastoral ministers, etc. the Spring Fair enables many other members of our community to share their talents of cooking, sewing, sales, marketing, dancing, organisation skills etc. In sharing our talent we not only contribute to the community but also allow the community to be part of us, sharing in various aspects of our faith and being companions on our journey.

Catholic schools fear ‘death by a thousand cuts’

Media release 13 September 2012

The funding cuts to Catholic schools outlined by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli this week appear to cut much deeper than was first thought – according to the Chairman of the Catholic Education Commission, Bishop Anthony Fisher.

“On closer examination of the Government’s announcement on Tuesday, we are increasingly alarmed that the loss of revenue to non-government schools could be much greater than the $116million announced by the Government. We don’t know how the Government’s figures were arrived at but we do know that two thirds of those schools are Catholic schools,” Bishop Fisher said.


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