Resurrexit Sicut Dixit, Alleluia

Rejoice, heavenly powers!  
Sing, choirs of angels!  
Exult, all creation around God's throne!  
Jesus Christ, our King, is risen!  
Sound the trumpet of salvation!

Easter Sunday, 16 Apr 2017

From the Dean's desk

Today we celebrate the great solemnity of Easter - a time when “God our Father by raising Christ...has conquered the power of death and opened for us the way to eternal life” (Opening Prayer for Easter Sunday morning Mass). Knowing and living by this fact we can indeed proclaim the words of the Responsorial Psalm for today: ‘This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad’.

Holy Week Timetable

Holy week 2017 timetable is available here.

Palm Sunday, 9 Apr 2017

From the Dean’s Desk

Dear Friends,

With this Sunday’s liturgy we enter into the most sacred and solemn week of the Church’s year. It is begun amid the ‘Hosannas’ of Palm Sunday and ends with the ‘Alleluias’ of Easter. In between, we are invited to journey with Jesus to Jerusalem, and more especially to Calvary and to the Empty Tomb and the Upper Room.

5th Sunday of Lent, 2 April 2017

From the Dean’s Desk

With this, the Fifth Sunday of Lent, we are challenged to consider perhaps the most daunting element of our human existence ~ that of death, resurrection and eternal life. The after-life, our existence beyond the moment of death, what happens to us when we die, have been issues that have fascinated the minds of people for centuries. Much has been written and presented in the media concerning the after-life with various forms of stories about people ‘living’ beyond death. We hear of various television programs that touch on these questions: Glitch, The Returned, Resurrection and the like. As fascinating as these stories are, they remain at the level of fiction and fantasy. Today’s Gospel [John 11:1-45], however presents us with the Christian understanding of life after death, resurrection and Jesus Christ as the source of Eternal Life and Resurrection. It prefigures his own death and his destruction of the power of death through his Resurrection on that first Easter morning.


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